stay at vivaana culture haveli

Experience the old world charm at the restored Shekhawati Haveli. Vivanna is a hundred and thirty year old symbol of craftsmen excellence and grandeur hidden in the small unexplored village of Churi Ajitgarh. The unparallel fresco paintings and typical Rajasthani architecture makes it a compelling place to visit and gives an unforgettable magical experience. It derives its name from Lord Krishna and means the 'first rays of the Sun' which shine on the haveli every morning.


stay at maal ji ka kamra 

Churu is 450 year old town and is home land to marwaris- India's most successful business community since the time of mughal. 

Explore Maalji ka kamra and it's surroundings while engaging in unique & adventurous dune bashing experience. End your evening by the Johad/Kund which is near a beautiful small water reservoir and enjoy candle lit dinner.  


stay at alsisar mahal 

Alsisar Mahal The 17th century stands tall with its fabulous grandeur and exudes a glorious history. Retaining its old charm and beauty, the palace depicts various scenes of the grandeur and valor of the bygone days. Experience a pastoral nomadic wildlife while you enjoy the country side jeep drive . 



Roop Niwas Kothi reflects a colonial old style Heritage hotel situated in Nawalgarh, Shekhawati Rajasthan. Here you can unwind in the serene atmosphere and old world charm and experience the true essence of Rajasthani hospitality at a home stay.The most special essence is that you are greeted by one of the family members always which adds to the experience. 


It is surrounded by nature and a certain calmness about it sets it apart.This property too is proud to have the finest marwari horses where one can enjoy the countryside as you ride them or just sip tea by the stables as you watch the excited marwari horses gallop out of their stables and back after unwinding in the paddock at dawn and dusk. It is one of the special experiences which await you at Roop Niwas Kothi. The village is also known as the largest open art gallery where there is a wide display of lovely old frescoes that adorn several of the town’s buildings.Cycling in the countryside combined with a sundowner awaits you too.