Introducing a riding holiday for anyone who is looking at a small adventure in their 14 days tour to India. This is only for the experienced horse riders where other details can be shared through email and this can be further customised if anyone is interested in more days.


Shekhawati ,THE LAND OF KINGS.


A regal land rich in history and heroic legends, Rajasthan literally translates to the “Land of Kings.” A cultural exploration discovering Shekhawati on Marwari horses. Famed for their inward curling ears, the Marwari’s are an indigenous breed of India.

Explore pathways weaving through native Dhani’s or hamlets of the countryside; you will be exposed to the real India while you ride the spirited Marwari horse as you venture off the beaten track with Mallyka Baisa connecting with the local culture and people, whilst forging a genuine understanding of the unique Marwari breed of horses.


Traditional ways of life are strong in Rajasthan, and you will be exposed to a living piece of history as you see camels and bullock carts, nomadic goat herders, and subsistence farmers go about their daily lives. Watch in awe as ladies balance enormous loads on their heads and work in the fields in shimmering bright saris. This journey will unveil the real life patterns and vibrance of Rajasthan. Colourful, cultural and vibrant, Rajasthan’s heady alchemy will awaken all of your senses. Discover towering forts, brightly painted haveli’s, and connecting yourself with another time, in this romantic environment.


  • Riding Breeches

  • Comfortable full sleeves Shirts or T-shirts

  • Riding Helmet

  • Riding Knee length Boots or Riding ankle boots with Riding Chaps

  • Sunglasses for Horse riding (Optional if one needs protection from Sun Rays)

  • Sunscreen


As an additional experience for the more adventurous. Enjoy a real rural life experience of being in the middle of nowhere only surrounded by the Marwari horses. Experience a sundowner at the farm under the stars while you spend a night at the camps at Dundlod farm, Shekhawati.