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A Baisa's adventures

​A Baisa’s Adventures is my roots calling me back to curate experiences that help our rural community and provide a platform to reach out to people worldwide. The special essence of this journey is to venture into small villages to promote and protect our local traditions by creating a bond between my guests and the local people who are the true ambassadors of culture and heritage.

Build a bond with the spirited indigenous Marwari horses, handheld by Mallyka Baisa from Dundlod. Enjoy the journey of our local indigenous spirit in the land of Shekhawati.

Join me for this exclusive trip to my homeland Shekhawati for groups of four to fifteen people. Travel with me will be unique as you will experience unexplored parts of a region earlier known as the trade route, hear stories about the lost frescoes of Rajasthan, engage in local cultures and traditions, taste the authentic local food, and try your hand at cooking on the chulha (earthen stove) with the locals and take a nap on the charpoi under the stars.

In addition experience the thrill of adventure by engaging in cycling around the countryside, enjoying a camel cart ride, and learning about the magnificent indigenous Marwari horses. Experience the thrill of mounting a Marwari horse while you bond with them by taking part in various activities at the farm.

Engage Immerse, and Evolve by experiencing rural life. When one engages in rural experiences, one steps back in time.


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