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Ashva Meditation & Yoga

Small introduction to the Indigenous Marwari horses where you will learn about their history, personality and temperament. Just like humans each horse has his own personality hence we have chosen a few horses who are soft temperament and friendly for this experience. First and foremost, the person must be completely trusting and have no fear as Mallyka will personally handhold this experience with her trained team.

Ashva means horse hence the name Ashva Meditation & Yoga. This will be a personally curated short program where you will start with your breath; you will meet the horses in a paddock, they will be escorted by our grooms and will be facing you in the opposite direction. This will be a tiny peek into getting to know them where you will feel their breath while you breathe with them. Horses are very sensitive, so they quickly realize when we’re using our breath to communicate with them, and respond accordingly.


There will be a mat placed where you will gradually take a comfortable sitting position as you practice meditation with horses, you’re learning how to control and be aware of your breath, which helps you quiet your mind and the busy thoughts racing through it. When you do this, and arrive at a point where you are fully present in the moment– you start to participate actively in what is happening right now. Horses not only feel this in you, but need it. This meditative space is where you can hear your horse – and your own inner voice – and begin to forge a deeper bond with him. Mallyka will be constantly guiding you during the whole experience.

Royal Dinner Experience :

Dundlod Fort Royal Risala Experience

Horse welcome, Private dining, Folk music & dance (Minimum 12 pax -group booking only)


The name Risala resonates with cavalry contingent. It was used both in the context of mounted horse and camel troops in the olden times.


As Dundlod is famous since 1985 for horse safaris and we are proud to own a stable of 50 indigenous Marwari horses. Hence an experience which takes you back to an old era filled with nostalgia while you enjoy an evening at the 1750 Dundlod fort. A little peek into the history of Risala.


Risala, was a term describing a mounted force of irregular cavalry regiments at times in Indian history. Silladar means “bearer of arms” in Persian and was given to native cavalrymen (sowars) of irregular regiments. A recruit or "Khudaspa" was supposed to provide his own mount and weapons as well as stabling attendant, forage, tent and clothing. The only mode of transport earlier was horses & camels where troops would entail riding 1000-1500 kms. When the Risala or cavalry contingent would camp for the night, it would be time for a relaxed evening with some good food & drinks. The entire experience is orchestrated for our guests at Dundlod Fort. Our Shekhawati colours Saffron & Red coloured flags with mashalls light up the evening where you enjoy the lush garden right in front of the Diwan Khana which adds to the ambience.


A beautiful dancing horse show is the showstopper for the guests as we welcome them to our family ancestral fort.


Arrival at 7pm

Royal welcome

Marwari Horse Dance

Drinks & Dinner


Our main forte is that during a special experience such as this one, Mallyka Singh Dundlod 4th generation of Late Thakur Harnath Singh Dundlod will be personally present while she hosts her guests. Her father Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod will grace his presence if he is not on a safari. We pride ourselves as guests who meet us as acquaintances leave us as friends.

Rural Adventure Tourism:

Hiking (inclusive of picnic lunch)

Religious holy place known to have immense faith by the local villagers. Trek around the Aravali range in Shekhawati region. This area is a surprise as from the sandy terrain; one finds themselves surrounded by lush green Aravali Mountains especially in the monsoons. This area is called Udaipurwati where short and long treks can be customised according to your requirement. There is a beautiful abandoned 500 years old Stepwell named Chetan das ki Baori, one must visit whereas always the architecture leaves you mesmerised. Lohargal Dham is a hidden gem of rajasthan where we have an historical & holistic experience .it is nestled between the Aravali hill ranges. There is a beautiful historical story which waits to be told. Picnic lunch will be provided if the guests want else, they can return for lunch at Fort. This experience will take place in the first half of the day.

Rural Adventure Tourism :


Dune Bashing (inclusive of Picnic Lunch)

Enjoy a two-hour gypsy safari, this experience came upon us as our back up gypsy goes on our safaris through dunes, off roading through hamlets and crisscrossing small villages while we ride on our Marwari horses. It’s a great way to explore for the adventure seekers. Rustic ride with a feel of nature & fresh air. One can enjoy a lunch or high tea depending on the timing amidst the countryside. Take time to explore, take pictures, interact, walk around or just relax while you take in the peacefulness which surrounds you in the rural areas. Maximum 3 pax together.

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