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About Us


Khamagani! Welcome to Baisa’s adventures, we aim to provide an immersive experience to all our guests. An experience which takes you on an inward journey, enabling us to interact with our surrounding local environment which is very different from the current fast paced world. You will be experiencing everything which is native to our Shekhawati region. Indigenous ways of living, our culture, tradition, art, language, customs and heritage where we promote our local peoples by creating experiences which distinguish them & also give them back their identity which helps them to find themselves.


Established in 2019 Baisa’s adventures was founded by Mallyka Singh Dundlod to carry the legacy of her father Thakur Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod who is the pioneer in reviving the Indigenous breed known as the Marwari horse all over India. He started Dundlod Safaris back in 1985 and still continuing his legendry safaris all over rajasthan. In addition, we created experiences for non-equestrians as well where they can create a bond with the Marwari horse & our local people.

What makes Baisa’s Adventures different?

Since tourism evolved in Shekhawati region, this is the first time where you don’t just visit this region for a stay at a fort, palace or a haveli but you engage with the people of the village by indulging in various activities with them. There is a lot of work put in creating this platform where artisans are supported and on ground our local people continuously engage in getting trained to be our guests guides in various experiences. Your visit to us empowers a whole community! Our strength lies in our expertise to customise keeping in mind the interests of our guests to give them a personal experience while they stay with us.


Introduction to our experiences

Some of the experiences with Baisa’s Adventures include creating your own traditional lac bangle with the Manihar community, engaging in pottery making with the local Kumhar and observing the colourful Tye & Dye process done by the Rangrezz community of Muslim Rajput’s. Cooking the rural way is my guests favourite as they not only cook from scratch in the authentic way with the local family but also enjoy eating with them. All these experiences are more special as one gets to be with the local people in their homes. Therefore, we always commit after informing what time is suitable to them & then confirm with our guests. For the history buffs the most popular curated walk through the frescoed havelis is to relive the old era through the paintings on the walls and for the adventure seekers we have Jeep safaris, cycling through the villages and trekking through the countryside.

Dundlod safaris is led by the legend in the horse world fondly known as Bonnie by equestrians all over the world. Join him for safaris on Marwari horses all over Rajasthan. This experience is only for experienced equestrians which offers an exciting and informative horse adventure, combining history, tradition and culture through our knowledge of the landscape, its people and, of course, its unique indigenous Marwari horses.

Short safaris for two to three days in Shekhawati region are led by Mallyka where she also customises other rural experiences for guests interested.

Our Approach
  • Starts with an email, phone / video call to connect with us. So we can plan accordingly with our expertise and vision.

  • We will design an customized itinerary plan that is unique to you according to your interests.

  • Once everything is concluded, we move forward confirming the details, large and small including the guides, private vehicles, experiences and stay.


(You can also choose from our horse safari calendar where we have group tours on fixed dates)


Our Team

We believe in team work to increase productivity, guest satisfaction and each person’s individual capability to be able to bring their best foot forward. We are all very personally involved at all levels and our work gives us utmost joy.

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Mallyka Singh Dundlod

Founder & Travel Curator





Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod

Your Host & Ride Leader



Chef for 25 years


Sunayana Mishra

Head of Operations & Management



Escort Rider

Enjoy your trip!

We are available to support and any wishes you may have throughout your trip. We’ll eagerly await your return with feedback and all the fun moments. You could share the photos & reviews on our trip advisor if you wish. Thank you

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