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Stay At Our Ancestral Home

Dundlod Fort

Kila of Dundlod the 17th century Rajputana Fort studded with monumental nostalgia of Shekhawats, the warrior Rajputs .Since then the cultural heritage of splendid Rajasthan is preserved as its ethos are imbibed in architectural grandeur of the Dundlod Fort. 

Get enchanted by the magnificent Diwan Khana and Duchatta (Royal main halls of the Fort). Meet Thakur Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod (Pioneer in reviving the indigenous breed & starting horses safari’s in Rajasthan) and his daughter Mallyka Singh Dundlod. Get a small introduction of the history of the Fort. Go back to another era and experience an intimate connection with history as we are proud to state that your stay with us will feel more like home. As we as a family devote full time to our guests straight from our heart.


We love greeting our guests personally and we try our best that you go back with lovely memories, all of us as a family are very involved as our belief is that “Once you arrive at Dundlod fort ,we meet as acquaintances but you leave us as friends “

Stay At Vivaana Culture Haveli

Experience the old world charm at the restored Shekhawati Haveli. Vivanna is a hundred and thirty year old symbol of craftsmen excellence and grandeur hidden in the small unexplored village of Churi Ajitgarh. The unparallel fresco paintings and typical Rajasthani architecture makes it a compelling place to visit and gives an unforgettable magical experience. It derives its name from Lord Krishna and means the 'first rays of the Sun' which shine on the haveli every morning.

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