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Food & Frescoes: Heritage Shekhawati

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Often the bridge that brings people together is when they cook together. Shekhawati is an undiscovered gem in Rajasthan where fortunately rural life thrives & the local people’s enthusiasm is truly infectious.

This experience is meeting a farmer’s family & engaging in authentic cooking. Make your own Bajra ki roti (Millet bread) chulha style (earthen stove) & delicious Lasan ki chutney (Chilly garlic paste) grinded olden method on a Silpatta (Traditional stone grinder).The red chillies flavour cooked authentic style is such a delight. Seasonal vegetables from the farm can be by our culinary artists if interested. Bonding with the family in their home makes one engage & immerse with local life. Let food be the love ingredient which brings everyone to get to know each other. It is very heart-warming with all the love one receives from the local people.

Post cooking takes a walk through the village to explore the fort, cenotaphs and frescoes of Shekhawati. This offbeat destination is known as the largest open air gallery in the world. The frescoed havelis were built by the merchant’s families which are a beacon of shining light of Shekhawati.

All the abandoned Havelis is a rich heritage of Shekhawati which need preservation and in our small ways, we aspire to look after our Heritage. One such Haveli known as Arjundas Goenka Haveli has been converted into a museum to preserve for the travellers to discover the beauty of the frescoes & murals in it.

Frescoes are wall paintings which take you back to the golden era through the artisan’s imagination where each painting has a story to tell, from depictions of our Hindu gods, communities, influence of the Britishers and folklores. There is a whole world painted on those walls, take out time to feast your eyes on this architectural grandeur & learn the secrets of the famed merchant communities of the Marwaris. Listen to the first hand stories of Shekhawati region and become a part of sustainable tourism.

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