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“Stories Through the Curly Ears of the Marwari”

The best journey one takes is the one which comes straight from the heart and begins spontaneously. Here is sneak peek into my family heritage story, birth of A Baisa’s Adventures!

The legendary Magnificent Horse known as the Indigenous Marwari Horse is the mark of my journey. I was fortunate to grow up around them and each moment back in our growing up days creates who we are. Our passion, vision and dreams are a manifestation of all we aspire today.

Back in 1985 when I was barely 7 years old, my father Thakur Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod revived the marwari breed by starting Horse safaris all over Rajasthan. The indigenous breed lost its identity since the British invasion henceforth till date people in India are more synonymous with the thoroughbred Horse (Identified with Polo).

The Marwari Horse is known for Endurance due to which it makes them very compatible to ride for few days together covering long distance. Back then it was quite extraordinary to have equestrians from all over the world to ride the Marwaris across the stretches of open countryside areas. What is more aspiring that till today the Tradition continues

and in spite of so much change in the landscape we are blessed to belong to the hidden gem of Rajasthan known as “Dundlod” in Shekhawati region. From two nights three days to a longer safari, we offer adventure as we speak and Horses being such an integral part of our Heritage.

Other than being a living part of our history, the stories speak of their loyalty &; bravery. Marwari horses are known to be very sensitive & due to their mirroring capability, they are highly intuitive. This magic & connection I felt on & off the horse too which inspired me to curate an experience especially for every animal lover out there. An experience which does not require to be an equestrian and yet you can take the first step of getting to know them. I call it “Bonding with Horses” The first connection between the Horse and human is based on Trust which is developed through TOUCH. Start with grooming them, a nice brush will get you started on the right note. Simple instructions on how to tack a horse, mount, basic posture and few important key details to keep in mind while you learn how to walk your horse in the paddock under safety guidelines.

Every person responds differently and therefore we customize and let this experience flow and unfold in its natural way. Since 2019 there has been no looking back, A Baisa’s Adventures is my inspiration to start tours which highlight the culture of the region by bringing in sustainable development for my fraternity.

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